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  • Test and Verify

    It is not always good just to trust. As building envelope consultants we provide our knowledge and experience in construction to not only test but verify. We working with builders, owners and insurance/warranty providers.

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Large building air tightness testing, guarded test, blower door test, compartmentation testing inspections

Large Building Airtightness Testing

Find out where the air is going and help preserve the building.

  • Reduce HVAC loads

  • Increase occupant comfort

  • Reduce odours

  • Improve Indoor air quality

Multi Family, Offices and Businesses, Warehousing

Building investigation, consulting, moisture meter detection, attic rain, attic frost, ceiling leak

Building Investigative Consulting

Leaks, Attic Frost/Rain, Building Envelope failures or other problems, unsure of why or what next. With the use of tools such as Thermal Imaging cameras, video scopes, blower door and moisture meters we can help identify problems and isolate repairs to small areas instead of major deconstruction saving time and money. Contact for a job specific pricing.

Blower Door Testing Edmonton, Blower door test stony plain, Blower door test spruce grove, pre drywall blower door test

Blower Door Testing and Pre - Drywall Consulting

Find out where your energy is going. A blower door test can not only save you money but increase the comfort of your home. We can provide you with a score (ACH) as your house is currently as well as using it as an important tool for air sealing. It can be very effective during renovations and new construction prior to drywall installation. Contact us for job specific pricing.

Thermal Imaging, thermography

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is uses heat signatures to identify possible concerns. Whether it be water from leaking pipes, radiant heating, roofs to over heating electrical motors and breakers Thermal Imaging can be used in multiple locations with certified Level 1 Thermographer.

Drone inspections

Drone Aerial Inspections

With the use of our drones and Transport Canada Advanced certified RPAS pilot we can access areas not typically accessible with out more costly and riskier methods. Contact us for job specific pricing.

Drone Mapping

With the use of our drones we can provide mapping of construction sites, towers, solar panels, fields and roofs. Customizable reports for roof sizes, tower usage, and field health

cannabis mitigation, cannabis smells, odour, odor mitigation

Cannabis and Odour Mitigation

As with many multi- family buildings odour from lifestyles of the neighbors can effect the building occupants. By performing air tightness testing, fogging and compartmentalizing we can find the pathways allowing for the smells. Benefits also include better indoor air quality, comfort and lower utilities.

Home Inspector

Residential Home Inspection

Buying a house, new to you or new construction let us inspect it for you. With our experience we look for any major immediate concerns but also long term and future maintenance requirements.

About Us

I started Mayday Property Inspections with the focus on building better. We spend large amount of time and money in our homes, businesses and properties, we deserve them to be comfortable and healthy. In my past career and passion as a Advanced Care Paramedic I treated lots of people who were struggling just due to the environment they lived in. I have an extensive amount of experience in renovating and maintaining properties as a real estate investor/ property manager. I have built my last two family homes myself with the last ones focus on healthy/comfortable indoor environment. This led to my change in career to my other passion, construction.

The focus of Mayday Property Inspections is to aid and assist builders and homeowners, with a focus on building envelope and air sealing. While maintain ongoing support and service for our residential home inspections clients.

Education and ongoing training is very important to Mayday Property Inspections, examples of industry relevant training.

Thermographer Level 1, Moisture Control Technician, Blower Door Technician Large Building / Residential, PHBI Warranty Specialist, Certified Home Inspector, Energy Advisor NRCAN, Advanced Drone pilot

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